Van Gogh's Fantasy Mix

Van Gogh's Fantasy Mix

Your packet contains an amazing mix from my breeding stock of these truly unique flowers. Their colors may range from orange, lemon, gold, amber, burgundy, pinkish, auburn, copper, red and any combination in between. They may be solid or multi-colored.  There may be doubles, semi-doubles and singles.  They truly are a one of a kind mix that has a multitude of beautiful traits for your visual pleasure. They are opportunists, not genetic clones. So, the more space, water and nutrition they get…the taller and larger they will be. You will experience sunflowers like you’ve never seen before. We are “Changing the Face of Sunflowers Forever” and happy to take you along for the journey.



Direct seeding (recommended).  Sow ½ inch deep after the last frost. Seed spacing, water, and soil health will determine size and height. Tighter spacing will produce shorter and smaller flowers. 


For my purposes of cut flowers, I plant seeds every 2 inches in a row.  I plant 4 rows 10 inches apart. This usually yields a smaller flower.


If grown with larger spacing, fertilizer and ample water some have gotten 10 ft. tall with faces the size of my head


Transplant: Sow ½ inch deep in trays 2 to 3 weeks prior to planting out.


Germination: 7 to 14 days at 70F to 75F.

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  • FAQs

    What your purchase does.

    Your purchase will help our family’s Christian Youth Summer Camp, Crosswoods Adventure Camp, grow youth in their faith and our Family's Flower Farm grow and develop new flowers for years to come.  I share the whole story about how these seeds and the camp are intertwined with Jess from Roots & Refuge Farms on her YouTube Channel. I would love for you to know Jess and hear the story of Van Goh’s Fantasy.


    What you will receive and how it will help?

    In honor of your purchase, we will be planting 2000 trees at Crosswoods Camp. These trees are going to be called “The Legacy Forest.” In 50 years, when I am no longer walking this earth, my grandkids will point to this forest and tell the campers, “That is the Legacy Forest. The people that bought my grandfather’s sunflower seeds were instrumental in keeping this camp around as a place for you to grow stronger in your faith.”


    What is included in the Van Gogh’s Fantasy Seed Mix Fundraiser?

    These one-of-a-kind seeds are being offered as a special fundraiser a full year ahead of their official 2023 launch to the flower loving masses. The packets will contain approx. 50 seeds, they are packed by weight not seed count. Since this is a fundraiser, the object is to raise funds, hence, the purchase price.  I realize that this will be out of reach for some. However, if you are unable to participate in the sale, have no fear, they will be avaliable for spring 2023 at regular market prices.


    Can you ship Van Gogh’s Fantasy Seed Mix to other countries?

    Unfortunately, due to export restrictions, we are only able to ship to the U.S at this time. It is our hope that we will be able to offer shipping of seeds to more countries in 2023.  We truly wish we could ship them everywhere to help beautify the earth, but we are bound by these restrictions which are beyond our control.

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